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  Name Title Group Contact
Karen Blatt Blatt, Karen Head of School Head of School
Debbie Boodram Boodram, Debbie Fifth Grade Faculty
Lucy Calma Calma, Lucy Second Grade Faculty
Jennifer Catalano Catalano, Jennifer 7th Grade Homeroom, Social Studies 6-8, ELA 6th Faculty 7184453533
Maryann Feld Feld, Maryann Math - Grades 6-8 Faculty
Cathy Hampton Hampton, Cathy Fourth Grade Faculty
Sarah Han Han, Sarah Business Manager Staff
Angelica Jean-Pierre Jean-Pierre, Angelica 8th Grade Homeroom; Language Lab and Spanish Gr 1 - 8 Faculty
Kristine Kolb-Ocampo Kolb-Ocampo, Kristine First Grade Faculty
Judy Lee Lee, Judy Third Grade Faculty
Mary Lok Lok, Mary ESL Faculty
Jessica Marrero Marrero, Jessica Kindergarten Faculty
Chantal Nelson Nelson, Chantal Assistant Head School Head of School, Staff
Margalie Oselmo Oselmo, Margalie *Kindergarten Teacher Assistant Faculty
Roberta Pena Pena, Roberta Physical Education K-5, Elective:Voice, Drama Faculty
Dustin Penland Penland, Dustin Bible 8, Science 6-8, Physical Education 6-8 Faculty
Rosemarie Rodriguez Rodriguez, Rosemarie Secretary Staff
Rebecca Sager Sager, Rebecca Music & Art Faculty
Andrew Snavely Snavely, Andrew 6th Grade Homeroom and Bible, ELA 7-8 Faculty
Andrew Snavely Snavely, Andrew Development Coordinator Staff