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What is the Flushing Christian School Corporation?

Flushing Christian School is an educational corporation existing pursuant to the New York State Education Law. In May of 2004, the Board of Trustees amended and re-stated the By-Laws for this educational corporation. The purpose of this corporation is to operate a Christian day school.

The Flushing Christian School Corporation provides an opportunity for all parties who have a heart for Christian education to serve the Lord in the area of Christian education. Corporation membership is open to those who are over the age of 21 and are received by the Board of Trustees on the basis of subscribing to a credible profession of faith in Christ, and their written agreement with the doctrinal statement (see Article ll of the By-Laws) and Purpose of the School (see Article lll of the By-Laws).

Become a Flushing Christian School Corporation Member.

Submit your completed application along with the annual fee to the Flushing Christian School office. You will be contacted for an interview with a member of the Board of Trustees or with our Head of School, Karen Blatt.