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History of Flushing Christian School

Flushing Christian School originated in the hearts and minds of three local Pastors: The Rev. Blair of First Presbyterian Church, Pastor Field of First Baptist Church of Flushing and Pastor King of North Shore Baptist Church. These men together with a group of laymen from their churches recognized the need for Christian elementary education and formed a committee to work on the establishment of such a school. The school was a faith venture. Without financial backing, its promoters depended upon God and He supplied every need.

Flushing Christian School opened in September 1950 at First Baptist Church of Flushing with 14 pupils in grades one to four. Miss Keller stated that the students "entered with smiling, expectant faces, bringing an apple for the teacher, a plant, some flowers and a lot of excitement." Miss Ellen Keller who had been a missionary-teacher in the Belgian Congo became the first administrator and teacher of Flushing Christian School.

In 1961 plans were underway to find a new location since the school would not be able to remain at First Baptist. Again, The Lord met the need in miraculous ways. In November of 1961 Mr. Clark, a teacher at the school, found out about property for sale at 158-15 Oak Avenue. The location seemed ideal, yet the only roadblock was finances. While prayer continued and special appeals were made to friends of the school, some thought a contribution from some large foundation would be needed. God, however, chose to supply the need "through a multitude of small contributions." The children gave sacrificially as well.

By March 1962, less than four months later, the $25,000 needed to take the title had been provided. Flushing Christian School had its own home. Remodeling began in May and the Lord met each need through the generosity of His people.

In August 2007, Flushing Christian School moved once again. Prior to that time, the school had operated in two locations. Kindergarten through third grade met at Faith Hall at First Presbyterian Church of Flushing, and fourth through eighth grade met at the Oak Avenue building. The Oak Avenue building was sold and Faith Hall was renovated to accommodate grades 4-8. The students were all under one roof again.

Flushing Christian School began as and continues to be a work of faith. As we face new challenges, it is encouraging to have the assurance that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever and that He who has begun a good work will complete it.