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FCS Parent Testimonials

"FCS is a nurturing environment and all the teachers and staff are very caring. I like the small class sizes and how FCS strongly addresses Bible teaching."

"Awesome staff, Christ-like atmosphere, and safe. I have peace of mind knowing that my kids are being educated at FCS."

"FCS offers that perfect blend of high-level education with a firm foundation in the Word of God. I believe the student-to-teacher ratio is wonderful and makes sure that no child slips through the cracks."

"FCS is an excellent school. My child is comfortable and feels loved by both staff and students at FCS. I am also extremely satisfied with her academic achievement at FCS."

"I appreciate the diversity in the school and the opportunity for my daughter to befriend and get to know children of various backgrounds. She is happy here and she loves her teacher very much."

"It has been such a blessing for our family to have our son in this school. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication. I would definitely recommend it to all my friends."

"The atmosphere teaches about God and the staff are saved and demonstrate it. They have integrity and can tell that they love the Lord first. It gets no better than that."

"We are ecstatic to place our child in a school where not only is he being challenged academically and led by teachers experienced in their field, but also a place where pointing students toward Christ and the Gospel is of the utmost importance.  You will not find a more caring principal or staff; people who are ALWAYS willing to take your calls or meet with you immediately if necessary. We have seen a confidence instilled in our child that we know is a direct result of his wonderful teacher."

"My sons constantly talk about how much fun they have at FCS and about how good and nice their teachers are.  FCS is a great investment, with strong emphasis on the character and academic development of each child.  We couldn't ask for more!"

"At Flushing Christian School, the name of Jesus Christ and His word is regarded highly here. During the Christmas and spring concerts, our children sing songs and perform skits that praise and glorify the name of Jesus. That is not something you will hear in a public school concert. Morning devotions and weekly chapel services are important highlights of their weekly schedule. Our children are exposed to the word of God on a daily basis."


Alumni Testimonials

I feel blessed to have attended a tremendous school like Flushing Christian School during my childhood (K-8).  I was exposed to a rigorous academic environment with caring teachers who constantly supported me.  FCS prepared me extremely well for high school and beyond, and I always felt that I was better prepared than my peers for the next levels of education because of the high academic standards at FCS.  In addition to the fine preparation in the classroom, my peers and I were always pushed to become the best people that we could possibly be.  Perhaps it was that experience that caused me to want to stay in touch with the high quality individuals that I called my peers. I truly enjoyed my experience and I have nothing but great memories from the small school in Flushing.  Overall, FCS was an excellent combination of strong academics, great spiritual guidance, and of course, loads of fun. - Stewart Park '02

Flushing Christian School will always hold a special place in my heart. My education at the little school, then on Oak Avenue, transcended text books and arithmetic. I was encouraged to dream and to trust God to fulfill those dreams and He is doing it. I currently work for NBC!  I didn't understand at the time what a blessing it was to be able to worship freely at an educational institution from first grade through eighth. Today, I see God being pushed out of classrooms across America. I'm thankful that I had the opportunity to take Bible classes and attend chapel every Friday. - Rasheeda Winfield '98

Miss Keller was my first and second grade teacher when I entered Flushing Christian School in 1958. Miss Keller’s teachings both secular and spiritual left an indelible impression. In second grade, Miss Keller prayed with me and I accepted Christ as Lord and Savior. She was patient and wise and instructed us to always strive to do our best. With God’s help I am devoting my talents to Cardiovascular and Oncology research as a scientist. I always acknowledge my foundation at Flushing Christian School and my wise parents who sought to give my brother and I the best education and a sound religious background. - Ms. Portia Gordon, Ph.D