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8th Grade Homework

Homework for 6/10/2019
Science 8 –  Use study guide and past tests/quizzes/ hw to study for finals.


Homework for 6/6/2019
Math:  LAS, #'s 22-38; 62-70 on loose leaf
Homework for 6/5/2019
Math:  LAS, #'s 1-10 on loose leaf
ELA - Review vocabulary words for final 
Homework for 6/4/2019
Math:  LAS, #'s 1-8
Homework for 6/3/2019
Math:  LAS, #'s 1-10 in notebook

Science 8 –  Answer Questions #1 -5 & 7 in STudy Guide; Bring in textbook and Lab Manual to class tomorrow.

Homework for 5/29/2019
Math:  Project due tomorrow - sent to
Homework for 5/28/2019
Math:  LAS, #'s 1-10 in notebook.  Return quiz signed
Homework for 5/22/2019
Math:  #'s 19-28 - LAS.  Quiz this Friday
ELA - Analysis Sentence Outline (if not already completed); prepare for memoir workshop on Friday
Homework for 5/21/2019
Math:  LAS, #'s 1-18 on loose leaf
Homework for 5/20/2019
Math:  pgs. 267-269, all exercises in notebook
Homework for 5/14/2019
Math:  LAS - complete project in notebook - due May 30th
Homework for 5/13/2019
Math: In Notebook, LAS #4-6
Science: No homework
Homework for 5/3/2019
Social Studies:  Behind your "Propaganda and Scapegoat" handout,
you will find the handout titled, "Reporting Live" (WWII).
Assignment due date is MONDAY
Homework for 5/2/2019
Math:  LAS, #'s 1-4 on loose leaf.  Test tomorrow
Homework for 4/30/2019
Social Studies:
Complete "Highlighting History:  The Ordinary/Extraordinary Sir Winton"
Must complete reflection questions from class.
Math:  LAS, #'s 1-9 on loose leaf.
Science 8 –  Complete Astronomy Lesson 1 worksheet; Do Finals Prep Section and Comprehension Check Section #1.
Homework for 4/29/2019
Math:  pg. 374, #'s 25-28 in notebook
Homework for 4/16/2019
Math:  pg. 368, #2 in notebook
Homework for 4/15/2019
Math:  pg. 371, #'s 2-6 (solve for surface area)
ELA - 15 notecards, due Thursday; Outside reading book report due Thursday (midnight)
Science 8 –  Study notes and flow chart for Rock Quiz tomorrow; TEST on Chapters 9 & 10: Minerals and Rocks on Thursday.
Homework for 4/12/2019
Math:  pg. 367, #'s 2-6 on loose leaf. 
Science 8 –  Watch video and complete Rock Flow Chart; Read Section 10D on Metamorphic Rock; Complete Section 10D Review; QUIZ on 3 Rocks (Sections 10B, C, D) on Tuesday.
ELA - Outside reading, week 5; 10 notecards, due Wednesday
Homework for 4/10/2019
Math: pg. 366, #'s 14-18; 21 on loose leaf.  Quiz this Friday
Homework for 4/9/2019
Math:  pg. 365, #'s 8-12 on loose leaf.
Social Studies:
Current Events due Friday
(Free topic--but still has to be on social, economic or political issue)
Ch. 24 Harlem Renaissance Poetry Essay due Thursday
Check your email for detailed outline.
Homework for 4/8/2019
Math:  pg. 365, #'s 2-6 in notebook
Social Studies:  Current Events due Friday
(Must be on a social, economic, or political issue/topic)
Science:  NONE
Homework 4/4/2019
Math:  LAS, #'s 1-2 on loose leaf.  Test Tomorrow
Homework for 4/2/2019
Math:  LAS, #'s 1-2 on loose leaf.  Test this Friday

Science 8 –  Read Section 10B; Complete 10B Review (due Thursday)

Homework for 4/1/2019
Social Studies:
Extra credit due tomorrow-
Draw the poem "In Flanders Fields"
Math:  pgs. 373-374, #'s 9-12; 18-19 in notebook


Homework for 3/21/2019
Math:  pg. 369, #'s 7-12 on loose leaf.  Test Tomorrow!
Homework for 3/19/2019
Math: Pages 345-346, on loose leaf # 2-8

Science 8 –  Section 9A Review (if not done); Revise Science Fair Research  Paper and submit by Thursday.

Homework for 3/18/2019
Social Studies:  WW1 Test on Wednesday
Math:  LAS, #'s 3-6 on loose leaf/graph paper.  Return quiz signed



Homework for 3/15/2019
Math:  LAS, #'S 1-2 on loose leaf
Homework for 3/13/2019

Social Studies:

* Finish Ch. 23 Handouts
* Chapter 23 Test next Wednesday.
Math:  LAS, #'s 21-30 in notebook.  Quiz this Friday
Homework for 3/11/2019
Social Studies:
Ch. 23 Sect. 3-4 handout--finish the back.

You may continue onto the second page.

Homework for 3/8/2019
Math:  LAS, #'s 5-20 on loose leaf.  Test this Monday
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