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Kindergarten at Flushing Christian School

Flushing Christian School has provided Academic Excellence & Christian Discipleship since 1950. Its Kindergarten class is a vibrant place where children enjoy learning together.
Please see the following overview about what children study in their kindergarten class.   For additional information, please call 718-445-3533 to schedule a visit for an educational consultation with our Head of School.  Call today!

Kindergarten Curriculum Overview


In Bible class kindergarten students learn about The Story of God and His People (CSI) through an overview of the Bible beginning with creation, through the patriarchs, kings and prophets, and the life of Christ and His parables.


Through reading, students discover new ideas and learn about important topics, such as:  people, colors, weather, transportation, numbers, nature and more.  Themes include:  Look at Us, Colors All Around, We’re a Family, Friends Together, Let’s Count, Sunshine and Raindrops, Wheels Go Round, Down on the Farm, Spring is Here, A World of Animals.  The students will also learn to read by learning phonics and will be able to sound out vowels and consonants.  They will be able to read beginner reading books.


Student engagement activities in math include:  Representing, Counting and Writing Numbers 0 to 5; Comparing Numbers to 5; Representing, Counting and Writing Numbers 6 to 9; Representing and Comparing Numbers to 10; Addition and Subtraction; Representing, Counting and Writing 11 to 19; Representing, Counting and Writing 11 to 19; Representing, Counting and Writing 20 and Beyond; Identifying and Describing Two-dimensional Shapes; Identifying and Describing Three-dimensional Shapes; Measurement, Classifying and Sorting Data.


Students learn about science from a Christian Worldview, including:
  • What is weather?
  • Signs of Fall
  • Planting Tulips
  • How Apples Grow and Making ApplesauceHow Pumpkins Grow
  • Making Butter
  • Exploring Magnets
  • Winter Weather:What is Solid, Liquid, and Gas?
  • Caring for our Teeth
  • Our Wonderful Bodies Researching
  • Animals for Science Report/Science Fair
  • Signs of Spring
  • Birds and Nests
  • Planting Seeds
  • Observing the Life Cycle of a Butterfly


Students learn about others both in class and on field trips.  Some topics include:
  • Groups Need Rules
  • Reading the Map
  • Trip to the Farm
  • Who Was Columbus?
  • Fire Prevention
  • Election Day
  • Native Americans
  • First American Thanksgiving
  • Celebrating Holidays
  • Making Piñatas
  • Who Was Martin Luther King?
  • Meet Some Famous African-Americans
  • Who Were Washington and Lincoln?
  • Where is Ireland, Florida & California?
  • Car Safety
  • Special Holidays: Mother’s Day and Memorial Day
  • Our Flag and Our National Anthem


Music class will help students learn to praise and worship the Lord, develop self-discipline, and encourage communication, participation, and social development. Music will acquaint students with other cultures and historical periods. They will learn to recognize famous composers and will practice reading and playing music. Their musical abilities will be developed further by participation in school concerts.


Students will learn that God is interested in beauty and design. Students will be introduced to great artists. They will learn about different art media and tools and learn how to apply them. They will learn about color, texture, shape and size. They will understand and recognize patterns in art.


Homework is considered an important building block of the educational program at FCS.  Homework reinforces classwork and prepares a student for future successes.  Students must learn to budget their time and carefully complete all required assignments.


  A readiness assessment is given to all students entering kindergarten to assure that our program is the right fit for your child.