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PTFA: Parent-Teacher Fellowship Association



The mission of the P.T.F.A is to encourage parents to be involved in the activities of the school and to support our director, teachers and the Flushing Christian School Board of Trustees through prayer, fellowship, and fundraising.

Goals, Vision and Purpose

The P.T.F.A. exists to enhance the classrooms and assist the teaching staff as much as possible for the benefit of the children. We raise funds to purchase equipment, resource material and the latest in technology so that our children have what they need to be successful. We also desire to show the staff how much we value their investment in the lives of our children. Each year we provide the teachers with funds to purchase educational materials.    We also sponsor a special appreciation luncheon for the teachers each school year.

We would like to help parents become more involved with the school family and all that goes on at Flushing Christian School. By participating in the activities, we as parents can enhance the furthering of our child’s education. The PTFA sponsors various events to encourage fellowship and unity in the Flushing Christian School family. PTFA meetings are also held during the year where there is a guest speaker who provides useful advice and information for parents.

We encourage all parents to support the Flushing Christian School Board of Trustees in all of its activities and to pray frequently for God’s blessing on our school.


Every year a $15.00 donation per family is requested to offset the cost of various materials and activities we provide.

You may contact us


Ms. Nimisha Baball