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*Updated, August 2022
  • Individuals with symptoms of infectious diseases, including COVID-19 must stay home and get tested for COVID.
  • Parents will perform temperature checks at home. Children with a temperature of 100 F must be kept at home.
    • All individuals will have their temperature checked each day upon arrival. If an individual presents a temperature of 100° F, the individual will be denied entry into the facility and sent to a dedicated area until being picked up by parent or guardian.
  • Everyone will report symptoms of, or exposure to, COVID-19 daily through the TeacherEase COVID Screening before leaving home.
  • Everyone will have the option of wearing an acceptable face covering.
  • Everyone will follow hand hygiene, respiratory hygiene, and cough etiquette.
  • Students and staff will receive instruction on proper hand and respiratory hygiene.
  • Windows will remain open to ventilate the building before and after students arrive and during the school day when feasible.
  • Hand sanitizer and tissues will be available for use by students and staff at the school’s main entryway and in every room.
  • The school will be cleaned and disinfected in accordance with CDC and DOH guidance.
  • Students, families, faculty, and staff will all be informed of protocol updates to daily screenings via Monday Memos, TeacherEase, and ClassDojo.
  • TeacherEase, ClassDojo, and Email will be primary methods for routine communication.
  • Students and employees will complete the TeacherEase COVID Screening before entering the building each day.
  • Parents will be instructed and guided on how to use TeacherEase and ClassDojo during Parent Orientation. This will be recorded and posted onto our school website.
  • Anyone sick with COVID symptoms during the school day, will be isolated.
    • Students will be picked up by a parent or guardian.
    • The individual will be provided with an at-home COVID test and will be asked to notify the school of the results.
  • Individuals testing positive for COVID-19 will immediately contact the school. The school will then notify the Department of Health.
  • Students who are sent home because of a positive COVID-19 test will be immediately separated from other students and supervised until they are picked up by a parent or guardian.
  • The state health department will be notified.
  • Areas will be cleaned as per protocol.
  • Students and faculty in the contact group will be notified.
  • Families of students and faculty who have been in contact with an individual testing positive will be notified.
  • Vaccinated individuals exposed to COVID do not need to quarantine but are required to wear a well-fitting mask for ten days.
  • Unvaccinated individuals exposed to COVID will be required to quarantine for 5 days, and upon returning to school, must wear a well-fitting mask for an additional 5 days.
  • Students and employees entering the school will be verified to ensure COVID Screening has been completed through TeacherEase.
  • Individuals unable to complete the screening through the TeacherEase portal, will be provided with a hardcopy of the screening before entering the school.
  • A hand sanitizer dispenser will be available at the main entrance.
  • Adult and children-sized face coverings will be made available.
  • Visitors will have their temperatures taken; visitors will be asked to complete a COVID screening form. 

Main Classrooms

  • Social distancing is no longer required in common areas. However, we encourage proper protocol, such as washing of hands, and wearing a mask, is recommended.
  • Windows and doors will remain open to increase ventilation, as needed.
  • Students in grades K-3 will eat lunch in the classroom.
  • Students in grades 4-8 will eat lunch in the all-purpose room and practice proper hand washing before and after eating.

Special Classrooms

  • Computer Lab – keyboard/mouse will be disinfected in between classes. Hand sanitizer will be used upon entering and leaving class.
  • Physical education classes - high touch surfaces will be cleaned in between classes.
  • Classrooms and offices will be sanitized at the end of each day.
  • Custodians will be notified immediately of special attention needed in cases of positive COVID-19 exposure.
  • Students will report to the All Purpose Room upon arrival if they arrive before the start of school.
  • Daily attendance will be taken.
  • Parents will be notified daily of student absence.
  • Students are encouraged, but no longer required, to wear masks when riding school buses.
  • The school will notify state and local health departments immediately of any positive COVID-19 diagnostic test result by an individual within school facilities or on school grounds, including students, faculty, staff, and visitors.
  • In the case of an individual testing positive confidentiality will be maintained as required by federal and state law and regulations.
  • Flushing Christian School will provide standards-based instruction ensuring substantive daily interaction between teachers and students and clear communication about instructional plans with parents and guardians.
  • Flushing Christian School is fully prepared to move to remote instruction, if needed.

Hygiene behavior will be communicated prior to school opening and reviewed during:

  • Parent orientation
  • Faculty meetings
  • Student orientation
  • The school day, as needed
  • Daily cleaning of high touch points
  • Daily disinfecting of desks at the end of each school day
  • Nightly disinfecting and floor sweeping
  • Students will hand sanitize before and after PE classes.
  • Students will hand sanitize before and after lunch.
  • Daily cleaning and disinfecting, floor sweeping and mopping
  • Additional disinfecting as deemed necessary
Halls, Stairwells
  • Daily cleaning of high touch points (e.g., door knobs, panic bars, hand rails, etc.)
  • Nightly floor sweeping and disinfecting
  • Students, faculty, and staff are made aware of COVID-19 symptoms and are informed not to attend school with any symptoms indicating illness.
  • Students, faculty, and staff will all be given clear instructions regarding symptoms, screening, and following good hygiene; the school community will research and follow State Health Dept. and CDC guidelines.
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