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Annual Campaign

Annual Campaign Giving

When you make a donation to our Annual Campaign, your gift touches lives. You enable us to keep the cost of tuition affordable for more families, provide tuition-assistance to students in need, and share the message of Christ with our students, some of whom had never heard it before attending FCS! Each class opens with prayer and the Bible is woven throughout every subject of study.

Our school offers a generous financial aid program, robust academics, daily Bible classes and engaging electives such as advanced art, math enrichment and robotics, making FCS a welcoming environment for students to grow and learn! Will you join us as a supporter of Christian education with your contribution today? The prayers and gifts of friends like you will allow us to continue serving the families of our community with a dynamic, Christ-honoring educational experience. Thank you for helping us shine the light of Jesus in a dark world!

Flushing Christian School boldly proclaims the name of the Lord, even in the midst of a culture that is falling away from the teachings of God's Word. We offer a welcoming, multicultural, safe environment where students will be nurtured and inspired by teachers who love Christ.

Our Annual Campaign presents you with an exciting opportunity for you to get purposefully involved in providing our children with a Christ-centered, academically-excellent education.

Each and every donation keeps FCS thriving, not only providing tuition-assistance for students in need, but also keeping the cost of tuition affordable for more families.

Tuition covers only part of the cost of each child’s education. Please help us reach our goal of $100,000.

Thank you for partnering with us!