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All-School Electives

Our physical education classes are designed to teach students coordination and teamwork. Elementary level focuses on basic skills, while middle school classes survey different sports. Every grade takes a class twice a week.

Beginning in first grade, students develop the ability to communicate fluently in Spanish. Teachers focus on reading, writing, listening, and speaking, with an emphasis on the cultural context of the Spanish language. Students can expect to place into AP level high school Spanish upon graduation.

Students beginning in 3rd grade learn about the tools of technology. Teachers emphasize that technology is a tool to be used and a platform to steward, but not a playground or an alternate reality. Students develop proper netiquette and understand the importance of being godly digital citizens. They develop proficiency in typing and coding, as well as Google Docs and Slides.

Each middle school class uses Google Classroom as a central platform for student-teacher communication and academic assignments.

Art class allows students to explore and appreciate different forms of art.  Students are able to learn and develop their artistic abilities in both two- and three-dimensional forms through various media including painting, charcoal, graphite pencils, and clay.


Music class gives students the foundations of music history, theory, and performance. They survey different genres of music and learn skills in recorders, keyboarding, chimes, and vocal performance. These periods serve as the foundation for our seasonal concerts. Our students are also given the platform to compete with the New York State School Music Association.


Middle School Electives

Advanced art enhances the skills and opportunities of gifted art students. Special occasions allow them to publish their artwork in more public forums.

Ms. Nelson leads our ASL elective. In an interview for last year's June edition of our student newspaper, “The Eagle's View," she shared the following:

I remember the first time I encountered the language, I was on my way to the 7 train with my mom and there was a deaf person handing out cards with the sign language alphabet on it. I asked my mom about it and she told me it was for people who could not hear with their ears or speak with their mouth so they use their eyes and hands to communicate. This amazed me and from then I always wanted to learn this special language.
I have become more passionate about teaching ASL as the years go by. As I've used it more and interact with the Deaf more, I've fallen in love with the Deaf community.
My hope is that students will use what they learn to reach out to the Deaf community and will have a passion to get involved in the Deaf community. They are often neglected and overlooked, especially in times of crisis. For example, the Deaf community was the last to get help and resources in Puerto Rico after the hurricane.

Band elective allows students to develop their instrumental performance skills. Both introductory and intermediate levels receive personalized attention.

The blogging and creative writing elective introduces students to the formative experience of journaling. They will explore different forms of writing both for personal reflection and for inspirational impact.

Led by Mr. Vallejo, our chorus elective prepares and leads fellow students in vocal worship. Students perform in weekly chapel and other seasonal opportunities.

The film elective equips students both to analyze and to utilize film as a storytelling art medium. While viewing classic films, they will consider the film techniques and the underlying messages embedded in the story. Students are also given opportunities to write, develop, and film their own original films.

The health and etiquette elective grows students in proper nutrition, proper social deportment, and other positive life habits.

Students in the journalism elective will practice the different aspects of reporting and developing a school publication. Student work appears in our periodical newspaper and quarterly newsletters, covering a variety of school-related topics.

This elective allows Spanish-speaking students (of all levels) to further explore the festive and entertaining elements of the Latino culture.

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    Becky Sager

    Music, Art; Advanced Art Elective B.S. Elementary Education, Clearwater Christian Co ...
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    Vlad Vallejo

    7 Bible, 6-8 Social Studies; Band and Chorus Electives M.S. Music Education (Bob Jones University&#x
  • Profile Photo

    Lorena Salas

    Spanish and Technology; Blogging and Health/Etiquette Electives A.A. Elementary Education (LaGuardia Communit ...
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    Chantal Nelson

    Head of School; American Sign Language Elective M.S. Education (CUNY Lehman College)
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    Andrew Snavely

    Development Coordinator; Film and Journalism Electives M. Div. (Bob Jones University Seminary)
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    Angelica Jean-Pierre

    Assistand Head of School; Spanish Enrichment and Cultural Games Elective M.A. School Building Leadership (St. John ...

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