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New Year, Fresh Goals

January 11, 2024
By Chantal Nelson

Press On! As a new year begins, I cannot help but become reflective over the past year’s triumphs and losses, joys and hurts, while I hopefully face another year. I don’t know about you but I tend to set many hopeful goals for each new year, seeking to improve whatever I found lacking the year before. There is nothing wrong with goal-setting; actually, setting goals is motivating.

However, we should never lose sight of the ultimate goal. I was recently reminded of a song we used to sing at my church years ago. It reminds us to keep our focus on our collective true goal of meeting our Savior face to face one day. Whether you are hopefully starting a new year, trudging through the middle of a year, or barely surviving the end of one, it’s important to remember that God is the One who started a good work in you and is the One working through you. Set goals, remembering that God brings the increase. Press on, knowing that God’s grace is sufficient. Always look forward to the day when you will see your Savior face to face – knowing Him is our glory, our all.

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Successful Bible quiz competition!

December 06, 2023

Have you memorized the book of Mark? Which chapter of Deuteronomy features the Shema? What was the name of the demon-possessed man from the Gadarenes?

Some people would balk at these questions, but not 4th grader Simeon Gill. Simeon and two teammates combined forces to compete in their church network's nation-wide Bible quiz competition. And they did great!

Focusing on the two books of Deuteronomy and Mark, Simeon's team prepared for the competitions by studying consistently and practicing three times a week. Even though they would compete against teams of 4 (or even 6, including alternates), Simeon's three-person team did their best.

The team won the local Queens round, then the Northeastern Conference (composed of around 200 churches), which qualified them to compete in the national competition in Orlando, Florida, last month. With each round, Simeon was surprised how confident he could stay and how well his team did. Finally, in Orlando, the team won the national championship!

Simeon's mom reports that the team's success has made a major impact on the young people in the church. The team for next year will be larger and more motivated than this year's team. Perhaps they can repeat as champions?

Most importantly, we are so proud of the way Simeon is learning to study and treasure God's Word. He has benefited from the strong spiritual environment at FCS which enhances his personal studies, says his mom. Keep learning and succeeding, Simeon!

Our Greatest Joy

July 20, 2023
By Chantal Nelson

“I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth.”
- 3 John 4

A young girl leans out of her stroller, straining for the shiny toy necklace in the store window. It may be plastic, and it may be relatively cheap, but to her it is valuable. Something that shiny must be valuable. We smile at the misguided earnestness of a sweet child. She is simple and naïve, though eager. But we may not be as amused if an adult acted the same way. Imagine the scene if the girl’s mother pays top dollar for the plastic necklace but completely overlooks the diamond pendant couched on a dark pillow under the counter. This would be ironic and ultimately tragic.

In a sense, our society has learned to value the wrong things, pursuing them at the expense of truth. We often seek entertainment over meaning, comfort over growth, experience over accomplishment, trifles over truth. And our children grow up learning to prioritize those same things. In a time when truth is rare, it becomes even more valuable. Truth is the one indispensable commodity, the key to seeing and living in light of reality. This way of living brings stability, even joy. So John expresses what every parent and teacher hope to say: that his children continue to walk in truth.

This, then, is the goal of a distinctly Christian education. We are convinced that the God of heaven has created us and designed us with true personhood as male and female. He has defined moral reality, ordaining truths and commands that will best equip us to live and enjoy His gift of life. And in His greatest of acts, He has sent His Son Jesus Christ, full of grace and truth, to model a truly godly life and to save His people from their sins. This grand understanding of reality, of truth, defines our mission as a Christian school.

Truth forms the foundation to the education that we provide at Flushing Christian School. More than informing children’s minds, we are forming their hearts and instincts to know, recognize, and love truth. In short, we long for them to value and walk in truth.

This happens in our opening assembly, when we recite the pledges, a core Scriptural verse, and rehearse our honor code. Truth appears in the Bible classes, both the instructional and the devotional aspects of the period. Truth forms the lesson plans for the day, orienting every subject to adhere to the realities revealed in Scripture. Truth underlies the experiences and exercises of our electives. Truth is present when the co-valedictorian of the Class of 2022 reminds his peers of the truths they have learned, or when his fellow co-valedictorian prays over her classmates.

Because we invest in truth, we are certain of a joyful outcome.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

How should we pray for our children?

April 27, 2023

Our children face an unprecedented set of challenges. Consider these overwhelming obstacles:

  • lack of societal morals
  • mental/emotional pressures
  • international instability
  • the stress of urban living

How should we pray for our children? This vital question prompted our PTFA to develop a 21-week series of prayer emphases. We pray for the Lord to give our children salvation, protection, wisdom, and purity. They must have godly friends, a love for God and others, a sense of calling, strong faith, and many more. You can see each week’s theme below or follow our weekly social media updates. Let’s pray for our children!

21 Weeks of Prayer for the Children


Easter Week: Easter Sunday

April 08, 2023
By Andrew Snavely

   Despite the praise of the crowds on Palm Sunday, Jesus knew the enthusiasm would fade. His mission was greater than just deliverance from political oppression by pagan Romans. He had a higher calling than merely healing disease or providing free food. He was sent by the Father, appointed as Messiah, to save His people from an even greater, even deeper enemy: their sins (Matthew 1:21).
  Such salvation would require the deepest level of commitment and endurance. He must live a righteous, sin-free life. He must be condemned to die a bloody cross-death. And there, suspended between earth and heaven as a divine lightning rod, He must take on the sins of humanity (1 Peter 2:24) so He could then absorb the righteous anger of the holy God on sin.
  But the salvation wouldn't be complete unless the Son of God must rise from the dead. His body wouldn't decay but would be resurrected with new life from the Father. Now, ascended to the Father and having granted His Spirit to empower His followers, Jesus Christ will soon appear to claim full rights over heaven and earth.
May you delight in the tragedy and glory of this Easter weekend. May you be embarrassed by the grave effects of your sin and the extent to which Jesus must suffer. And may you be astounded by His infinite love and absolute commitment to providing you ultimate salvation. Happy Easter! He is risen!

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