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Living in Love

March 11, 2024
By Chantal Nelson

Overlooking or Confronting in Love. While going through the Bullying Curriculum with the Sixth Grade, we are learning that we cannot avoid conflict. Not all conflict is a bullying situation, but experiencing conflict in this life is inevitable because no one is perfect. We can also annoy others in many ways just as others can annoy us. Sometimes God uses someone else to push our buttons so that He can work to refine something in us. While preparing the lessons that have to do with handling conflict in general, I’m reminded that love overlooks the trivial and confronts what is detrimental to the other person in humility. We patiently overlook because we appreciate when others are patient with us. We humbly confront because one day we’ll be on the receiving end of much-needed correction. May God grant us the grace to obey the prompting of the Holy Spirit to overlook each other’s weaknesses and confront each other’s fault.

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