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Successful Bible quiz competition!

December 06, 2023

Have you memorized the book of Mark? Which chapter of Deuteronomy features the Shema? What was the name of the demon-possessed man from the Gadarenes?

Some people would balk at these questions, but not 4th grader Simeon Gill. Simeon and two teammates combined forces to compete in their church network's nation-wide Bible quiz competition. And they did great!

Focusing on the two books of Deuteronomy and Mark, Simeon's team prepared for the competitions by studying consistently and practicing three times a week. Even though they would compete against teams of 4 (or even 6, including alternates), Simeon's three-person team did their best.

The team won the local Queens round, then the Northeastern Conference (composed of around 200 churches), which qualified them to compete in the national competition in Orlando, Florida, last month. With each round, Simeon was surprised how confident he could stay and how well his team did. Finally, in Orlando, the team won the national championship!

Simeon's mom reports that the team's success has made a major impact on the young people in the church. The team for next year will be larger and more motivated than this year's team. Perhaps they can repeat as champions?

Most importantly, we are so proud of the way Simeon is learning to study and treasure God's Word. He has benefited from the strong spiritual environment at FCS which enhances his personal studies, says his mom. Keep learning and succeeding, Simeon!

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