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Alumni Interview

March 14, 2024

How does FCS prepare our students for high school? What role can a Christian play in an educational environment? Two alumni, Daniel and Ryan, came by to speak about their experience. As a student at Stuyvesant High School, Daniel shared that our high-level classes enabled him to skip Spanish 1 and Algebra 1 and place into an advanced track. His strong work ethic formed in class, as well as simple skills like outlining and team projects, prepared him for the academic rigor at Stuyvesant. Ryan added that the concepts in high school math clicked because of his foundation in FCS.

What about the spiritual effects? Both alumni report that FCS made a tremendous impact on their faith. Patterns of prayer and a settled confidence in the reliability of Scripture developed from their time here as students. Even more encouraging is the way they have used the apologetics emphasis from Bible class to defend Christianity in their high school setting.

God has actively worked in the lives of Ryan and Daniel. They each lead weekly Bible studies for Christian clubs in their respective high schools. In the natural highs and lows of spiritual leadership, they find encouragement and support through their friendship. Most importantly, they know that God will use His Word to work in the hearts of their classmates just as He has worked in theirs.

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