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Easter Week: Palm Sunday

April 03, 2023
By Chantal Nelson

The scene of the first day of what we’ve come to name “Holy Week” is quite ironic. We see a crowd of people welcoming Jesus, inviting Him as Savior as He enters Jerusalem on a donkey. The same crowd of people who cry out, “Hosanna, Son of David! Save us:” will a few days later cry out, “Away with Him!” Israel, weary of occupation and oppression by the Roman government, was looking for a savior from their present circumstances. They were willing to accept Jesus as this savior until it was clear that the salvation He offered was not the kind they were looking for.

As believers we too have to guard against a fickle allegiance to Jesus as our Savior. When we cry out for Jesus to save us from our present situation: financial strain, physical pain, relationship issues, the stress of responsibilities, etc., we need to be careful not to become bitter, angry, and discouraged when Christ doesn’t save us on our terms. Just like with Israel, our personal salvation is only a part of God’s wider plan. We don’t know where or how our current sufferings fit into this wider plan but we can trust our loving Father that it is a good fit.

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