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  • Watch the video and celebrate with our graduates!

  • Join us in worshiping the Lamb as we make a joyful noise to the Lord. You can watch the concert here.

  • Kindergarten Konnect, March 15

    Our annual kindergarten preview day (called “Kiko” for short) welcomes incoming kindergarten students and their families into our FCS family. Children can meet their future classmates and work together on an engaging learning activity together. Parents can also connect with teachers and hear from the school leadership more completely about the enrollment process and educational experience at FCS.

  • Ryan and Daniel came by the school to share an update from their experiences in high school. Read more or listen to the interview here.

  • Overlooking or Confronting in Love. While going through the Bullying Curriculum with the Sixth Grade, we are learning that we cannot avoid conflict. Not all conflict is a bullying situation, but experiencing conflict in this life is inevitable because no one is perfect. We can also annoy others in many ways just as others can annoy us. Sometimes God uses someone else to push our buttons so that He can work to refine something in us. While preparing the lessons that have to do with handling conflict in general, I’m reminded that love overlooks the trivial and confronts what is detrimental to the other person in humility. We patiently overlook because we appreciate when others are patient with us. We humbly confront because one day we’ll be on the receiving end of much-needed correction. May God grant us the grace to obey the prompting of the Holy Spirit to overlook each other’s weaknesses and confront each other’s fault.

  • Loving Accountability. I truly enjoyed the ACSI Day of prayer this past Tuesday. What a blessing to join in prayer together as a school community in corporate worship and then fellowship in small groups
    with our student body. This day never fails to be one of my favorites of the year. I was particularly touched to bond with some of our sixth-grade girls as we prayed for one another bringing each other’s
    burdens and sins before the LORD. Pastor James encourages us to humbly make ourselves accountable to one another in confession and prayer. As the girls and I went through the humbling practice of confessing our faults to one another, the mood changed from awkward discomfort to liberating closeness. God certainly knows what He is talking about: confession brings healing and intercession brings unity. May we love one another by holding each other up in prayer and humbly keeping each other accountable before the Lord.

  • Press On! As a new year begins, I cannot help but become reflective over the past year’s triumphs and losses, joys and hurts, while I hopefully face another year. I don’t know about you but I tend to set many hopeful goals for each new year, seeking to improve whatever I found lacking the year before. There is nothing wrong with goal-setting; actually, setting goals is motivating. …

  • Christmas Reflections
    Lighted Christmas tree in an evening forest

    Light. One of my favorite parts of this season is Christmas lights. They take a barren winter tree and turn it into a display of elegance. They create festive lacework designs outlining an otherwise ordinary house. Light not only adds beauty but it gives us clarity. It illuminates whatever is hidden in the darkness. The prophet Isaiah describes the people living in the inter-testimental period as those walking in darkness stumbling upon their own sinful condition, waiting for the light of the Messiah. Unfortunately, many still stumble in darkness, unaware that the Messiah has already come. As we relish the beauty that Christmas lights bring to our homes and neighborhoods, let’s remember the beauty the Gospel brings to a soul that is trapped in darkness. Don’t forget to share the light of the glorious Gospel of Christ with those around you this season.

  • View our Christmas concert video!

    Our Christmas concert featured each class in a musical celebration of Christ's birth, climaxing with a beautiful solo of "Silent Night" accompanied by the American Sign Language elective.

    The middle school then presented a charming drama in reader's theater fashion. Let's give praise for the birth of the King!

  • See pics from our special all-school chapel.

  • We gathered Saturday, October 28th, at the Fresh Meadows Applebee's for a special community breakfast and the beginning of our annual silent auction. Our goal was a significant one: to raise $2,000 toward our tuition assistance program. Because we give tuition discounts to families with financial need (over $250,000 last year), our school depends on efforts like the silent auction to help bridge the gap. Our typical goal is to raise $2,000 for one of these events.

    God rewarded our efforts with a delightful breakfast, a full house, and a successful campaign. Our 20 baskets and prizes brought in over $2,700. Add in generous donations from within the school community, and we raised a total of $3,200. This may be the highest amount ever raised!

  • Watch our musical production of Pilgrim's Progress to travel with Christian to the Celestial City.

  • What brings us the greatest joy as Christian educators? Hint: it involves a walk…

  • Our Jogathon Fundraiser brought in over $40,000! Praise God for His abundant blessing!

    Visit our Fundraising Page here!

  • Watch this video, and learn about school from the students themselves!

  • Ms. Nelson shares the story behind her role as teacher and head of school. She casts a vision for what God will continue to do through FCS.

    We also discuss our high quality Bible curriculum DeepRoots.

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